The Easiest Way to Pray With Scripture

Sometimes, one little thing can make everything better. 

A good night’s sleep is like that. If you sleep well, everything else is better including your work, your relationships and your mood. 

In that way, scripture is kind of like a good night’s sleep. 

Reading scripture makes everything else in life better. When you are close to it, it seeps into your thoughts and actions. It bestows wisdom and grants peace. It inspires trust and calms fears. 

Praying with scripture isn’t just one good thing you can do, it’s one good thing that will make everything else better. But how do you get started? 

One easy way to begin praying with scripture is subscribing to The Daily Divina from The Catholic Telegraph

The Daily Divina is a daily email that highlights a verse from the day’s scripture readings and asks a thought-provoking question based on that scripture. Open your email, click the link, read the verse and the question, and then you go on with your day. 

That question will stay with you for the rest of your day. You’ll think about it randomly and ponder the verse. You’ll find yourself meditating on scripture throughout your day. 

Could you do a lot more? Sure. You could sit down with your Bible and your concordance and your Greek/English translation dictionary and spend a couple hours reflecting on the exegetical breakdown of a specific word or phrase. If that’s what you are looking for, then pursue that! But if you need something a little simpler, a little easier, something that will have a powerful impact on your prayer life and your relationship with scripture every day, be sure to click here to sign up for The Daily Divina.


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