5 Ways to Pray with Your Family

What’s one word that most families would use to describe themselves? BUSY. And that’s probably the first thing that comes to mind when you think about adding family prayer time to your daily mix.

Many of us Catholic parents feel like we should be praying as a family, but often times we struggle to figure out how to incorporate daily prayer into what can be an overwhelming schedule. However, if you to start small and simple, praying with your family can be surprisingly easy and can truly enhance your own prayer life as you witness the faith of your children and practice sharing your faith with them. Here are just a few ideas to help incorporate family prayer at different points throughout the day.

1 Give the day to God 

As the kids sit down for breakfast, pray some version of a morning offering prayer. This can be as simple as, “God, I give this day to you. Amen.”

2 Don’t skip your mealtime prayer 

It might feel like going through the motions, but the mealtime prayer is a powerful habit – one that will stick with your kids for years to come!

3 Set an alarm at noon each day 

Take out your phone (and your kids’ phones!) and set an alarm for noon each day. When the alarm goes off, stop what you are doing and pray a Hail Mary for your family – even if you aren’t together.

4 Encourage an attitude of gratitude 

A great and simple way to pray at dinner time or right after dinner is to thank God for all He’s given us throughout the day. Let each person at the table share one thing they are thankful for. Once everyone has shared, pray a Glory Be together.

5 Reflect on the day during bedtime prayers

Right before you go to sleep, practice saying “I’m sorry” and “Please help me” to one another as you talk about one way that we could have done better that day and one way we hope to do better tomorrow.

If you can incorporate just one of these suggestions into your family’s daily prayer, you’ll be on your way to building a long and lasting life of prayer with your children.


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